Please be aware that the content in SAP SQL Anywhere Forum will be migrated to the SAP Community in August and this forum will be retired.

To cite a small rant from a comment on that FAQ:

Though I have the somewhat strange impression that us customers have to help each other with official information when this should be available via "official channels" ...

SQL Anywhere Product Management, do you hear me?

I don't prefer "stealth" and "invisible" when it comes to information about a new database version - even for an product labelled as "embedded database".

I guess I'm not the only one with an unclear view on the "official product announcement channels":

  • The official iAnyhwere-blogs are very quiet nowadays, in contrast to several blogs that announced v11 and v12.
  • Here most v16 announcements are done by Breck and a few customers.
  • The NNTP groups are going to be retired.
  • The SAP Community Network (SCN) is still a mystery to me.

Frankly, I still feel not informed where to go to get informed.

asked 11 Mar '13, 09:04

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Volker Barth
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Mark Culp

Another clue: I get informed on Tuesday about Jason's webcast taking place on the same Wednesday... - that's more "agile" than requested:)

(11 Mar '13, 09:07) Volker Barth

80 something views and no votes? Come on people, this is a great question. By not voting it up, you give the impression that only the OP cares. That can't be it! Can it?

(12 Mar '13, 06:47) tzup

Most of us have moved to the SCN (SAP Community Network) as the new home for information about SQL Anywhere. The bloggers you are familiar with have moved there, and you can see recent postings from them (as well as their older postings) at This is also where we are migrating the technical documents from the Sybase website. I expect new content and download links to appear here as well as announcements of upcoming activities.

I am sorry that communication has not exactly been clear for SQL Anywhere. The SAP 'full' integration (assimilation?) only completed January 1 of this year for SQL Anywhere. There are a lot of internal processes that run differently than they did in Sybase (for example, marketing communications channels for announcing webcasts). We are learning as we go, and there are bound to be hiccups. I would ask that you bear with us while we get things ironed out. Its not an excuse, I know, but it is what it is. We are doing our best to get things figured out as quickly as we can, and we will try to do better in getting information out to you in a more timely manner.

In the meantime, this forum and the SCN site mentioned above are the key places to find out what is happening with SQL Anywhere. Finally, as always, if you want to know something, just ask here or on the SCN discussion forum and someone will answer you.

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answered 11 Mar '13, 10:42

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Jason Hinspe...
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Jason, thanks for the reply! As to the blogs: I've seen them on SCN though I had the impression it's basically what has been published on the iablogs before, though partly with a "new release date". I might be wrong...

As always, I appreciate to be informed even if something is "stll in progress". It's so much better to hear you "are doing [your] best to get things figured out as quickly as [you] can..." than to have to assume that possibly nobody knows (or tries to explain) what the outcome may be.

In contrast, the late "NNTP is dead" - "err, sorry, not yet" - "we'll inform you lateron" news triad on the NNTP forums is not a way to gain trust...

(11 Mar '13, 11:01) Volker Barth
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Yes, some of the blog content is a republishing of old content as it is moved over to the SCN. We are taking advantage of the opportunity to expose a new audience to some of our more popular posts while we do the migration. However, you should also see new content appearing here as we move forward. How best to format and highlight content on the community page is still something being discussed and may change over time.

(11 Mar '13, 11:07) Jason Hinspe...

We know that the NNTP thing was poorly handled. Rob Verschoor and I found out about the NNTP closings (the first set) the same time everyone else did - when they were first posted to the newsgroups.

Rather than have the forums suddenly come crashing down, Rob and I asked for a delay. The idea was that we could contact the different product managers and come up with a more orderly closing plan. Now that the plan is in place, and the archive is up and running, we can close things down in a more orderly and controlled fashion.

Just FYI, the new closing date is March 28, 2013. And the archive is here:

As a side note: The only group to respond to the closing notice was (not surprisingly) SQLAnywhere users. They pointed out that the new SCN forums were difficult to use. We heard them, and communicated this to the group that owns SCN. What happens with that feedback, well, time will tell.

(11 Mar '13, 12:36) Jonathan Baker

@Jonathan: Again, thanks for the clarification.

Sidenote: So the "invisible database" has the "most visible" users?

(11 Mar '13, 12:55) Volker Barth

@Volker: Yes, I think it does. Although the "yester-year" developer tool PowerBuilder might give you a run for your money. ;-)

(11 Mar '13, 15:57) Jonathan Baker
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