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When upgrading a large DB (100GB) from v9 to v10 64-bit on a 64bit windows box (with 64GB RAM) we are trying to minimise the unload time (currently 5.5 hours - the reload is only 1.5 hours) and therefore downtime, on the 24x7 system. The databases and unload files are on different (fast) disk systems.

Given how impressively fast the reload is, the unload seems on the slow side. So far we have been using the unload wizard in Sybase Central. This in turn starts the database with the unload engine (dbunlspt.exe) which is presumably some sort of cut down v9 engine. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to set server start-up options (eg cache, priority etc) in this process - so presumably defaults are used. This will all be a 32-bit process.

My questions:

  1. Does cache size matter when unloading?
  2. If it does, can we persuade the unload engine to use more?
  3. Would we be better using the 64-bit version of the dbunload.exe command line utility - and again if cache matters, can we persuade it to use more than the default?

asked 28 Apr '11, 12:23

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Justin Willey
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I would expect, that cache size will be unimportant, if you use -u to not order the data during unload.

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answered 29 Apr '11, 09:44

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