One of our clients had a program crash while the programm was inserting a bunch of data. Although the programm hadn't run to the point where the commit would have been executed, the data is still there [SA 12.0.1].

So I wonder if there is a connection option triggering a commit it the connection is closed, similar to that option setting in ISQL. I searched the help and checked sa_conn_options, but to no avail. Did I overlook something, or is there another explanation?

asked 31 Jul '12, 09:57

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Reimer Pods
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SQL Anywhere shouldn't commit a transaction unless the application tells it to. Have you looked at the transaction log to try and figure out what may have happened?

(31 Jul '12, 11:28) Reg Domaratzki
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If it's a PowerBuilder application the default for CommitOnDisconnect is 'Yes'.

(31 Jul '12, 11:59) Breck Carter
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The application has been build with Power++, not PowerBuilder. But the Power++ IDE uses a subset of PowerBuilder 6.5 to create DataWindows and Reports. So there might be a similar property behind the scenes (undocumented).

(01 Aug '12, 04:06) Reimer Pods

I don't have access to the log file. But I don't think I could learn much from that: surely there will be a commit, but it's hard to tell where it comes from.

(01 Aug '12, 04:10) Reimer Pods

I'm sure you're running in ODBC's manual-commit mode (and not the default auto-commit mode), right?

(07 Aug '12, 09:29) Volker Barth
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