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When a stored procedure runs a DROP CONNECTION against the connection currently in use by an event, the following message appears in the console log:

User "DBA" dropped event connection 1000001154 ("victim-event-name")

In some (most) environments, that may be important, but in others (mine) these messages are just annoying... the DROPs are frequently and automatically executed under the covers as part of business-as-usual.

Suggestion: allow these messages to be suppressed on a case-by-case basis; e.g., add a clause to the CREATE EVENT statement, or a clause to the event's EXCEPTION block, or something coded at the victim-event level to say "don't fret if my connection is dropped".

asked 07 Oct '10, 13:38

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Breck Carter
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This issue sounds related to your other recent posting related to events - Do not display “Statement interrupted by user” event exceptions when database is shutting down - and perhaps the solution to that issue can also resolve this request as well?

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answered 07 Oct '10, 18:59

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Mark Culp
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... with "perhaps" being the operative word. From my perspective the contexts are vastly different: database shutdown coming from the outside world, versus DROP CONNECTION done from within another connection as part of normal operations (no shutdown). Other than that, yeah sure :)

(07 Oct '10, 19:38) Breck Carter
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