Please implement the following FOREIGN KEY and PRIMARY KEY syntax simplifications...

   INDEX index-name 
   | [ INDEX ] FOREIGN KEY role-name 
   ON [ owner.]object-name
   } the FROM clause index hints WITH and FORCE INDEX:

FROM  table-expression, ...

table-expression :
   | ...

table-name :
   [ WITH ( hint [...] ) ]
   [ FORCE INDEX ( index-name ) ]

hint :
   table-hint | index-hint

index-hint : 
   | INDEX ( [ PRIMARY KEY | FOREIGN KEY ] index-name [, ...] ) [ INDEX ONLY { ON | OFF } ]

Currently, you have to remember/look up/figure out what the primary and foreign key index names... hint: they are NOT the same as the CONSTRAINT names.

asked 09 Oct '10, 15:29

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Breck Carter
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Just to clarify (I had to read this several times - possibly due to a "lack of coffee"...): You are suggesting a simplification for the FROM CLAUSE (i.e. to allow to specify a PK without an index name and a FK with its role-name instead of an index-name), and you are taking the simplified syntax from the VALIDATE INDEX statement, right?

(11 Oct '10, 07:22) Volker Barth

Exactly. (and now I have to keep typing to make the comment long enough)

(11 Oct '10, 13:41) Breck Carter

Once understood, I second that proposal:)

(11 Oct '10, 14:28) Volker Barth

Until now I wasn't aware that the PRIMARY KEY and FOREIGN KEY syntax that was added for hints required the specification of the index name as well. I would agree that we could make this simpler. We'll look at doing exactly that.

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answered 11 Oct '10, 15:33

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Glenn Paulley
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