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I'm getting a strange error when I run the Upgrade database tool in SQLA 11 Sybase Central.

This database was taken from a backup of a SQLA 10 database and started up in SQLA 11 successfully. However when try to run the upgrade tool the following error occurs:

'login_policy_id' in table 'isysuser' cannot be null the database 'Test_DB' could not be upgraded.

What does this mean? I couldn't find anything out of the ordinary in the sysuser view between a SQLA10 database that upgrades successfully with this tool and the one that fails.



asked 07 Oct '10, 07:47

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I have not seen this problem before, and was not able to reproduce it with a simple test. I suspect something specific to this database, e.g. the version and build used to create it or option settings in the database that the upgrade process is not overriding. You haven't mentioned the build number you are using during the upgrade.


  1. try with the latest version 11 build
  2. use dbupgrad rather than Sybase Central (though either should work)
  3. try upgrading an empty database created with version 10 to verify the process in your environment

If you only have one database, rebuilding it is an option. If you will need to upgrade other databases that have the same problem, you should contact tech support with a copy of the failing database (before the upgrade).

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answered 07 Oct '10, 13:59

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