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After upgrading from version -> (in the middle -> 16.0.02019, when trying to connect Sybase Central we received the following message:
“You are attempting to connect to a version 10 database running on version server. In order for Sybase Central to use this database, it must be unloaded and reloaded into a new database (Sybase Central only supports databases created by version 11 and later software)”
And it gives me the option to use the unload database wizard.

First, the database is files are fully upgraded (include the use of ALTER DATABSE command).
It seems that only Sybase Central affected by this, as we can connect through Interactive SQL without a problem.

Second, when trying to unload database we received the following error (tried from Sybase Central wizard and from command line using dbunload utility as well):
* SQL error: Invalid option 'timestamp_with_time_zone_format' -- no PUBLIC setting exists”

What can we do in order to:
a) Using Sybase Central
b) Unload database successfully

Thanks in advance,

Ohad Nir
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asked 06 Sep '15, 11:29

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The data type timestamp_with_time_zone and option "timestamp_with_time_zone_format" were introduced in version 12.

This may be due to a small (but undiagnosed) bug exposed by your upgrade sequence but you should try setting the public option and see if that is your only issue here.

Do let us know what your results with that change show.

For what it is worth, upgrades do not fully upgrade a database. Some features will require a rebuild (as in dbunload) ran from the newest version's utilities.

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answered 08 Sep '15, 12:13

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Sorry for the late answer.
This actually solved the issue.
We set the option as follows:


thanks and best regards

(20 Sep '15, 03:41) onir
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