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I used ASA12 and then ASA16 dbupgrad utility, start upgraded database on ASA16 and connect it with Central 12, but not with Central 16.

Is there any way to upgrade Sybase SQL Anywhere 10 database to version 16 without a reload accepted by the Sybase Central 16?

I looked at the answer on Ohad's question: Sybase Central won’t work after upgrade database to version 16.0.02019 (question 25651)

Thanks Jan

asked 16 Mar '16, 09:20

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Sybase Central only supports databases created with v11 or later. You can use Sybase Central v12 to manage the SA10 initialized database file or rebuild the database using v11 or later if you need to use Sybase Central v16.

(16 Mar '16, 09:39) Chris Keating
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Thank You. Currently, it is used Central v12. We assume that to the database missing little to no problem with it.

(16 Mar '16, 10:07) Jan24

Just to add: The limitation to "only support 2 major versions back" does not apply to DBISQL (nor dbisqlc), i.e. you can of course use all appropriate SQL statements to manage a v10 database from a v16/v17 DBISQL utility...

(16 Mar '16, 10:12) Volker Barth

The only complete way to fully upgrade a database is to rebuild it. Doing so, will introduce new database structure that are required for some new capabilities. Running dbunload -an <new.db> is the simplest way to do that; but either way a new database needs to be created/dbinit-ed at some point in the process.

Sybase Central, as of verson 16, will only open databases "created by version 11 or later"

versions 11 or later

because it assumes there is a base-line of features that require newer database structures.

This is consistent with the philosophy that some modules (Mobilink, some Admin tools including scjview, ...) can/may only support 2 major versions back.

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answered 16 Mar '16, 09:55

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