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When upgrading a v10.0.1 database to v16 (GA release - there aren't any ebfs yet are there?) we run into this problem. The unload goes smoothly, but on the rebuild, once the data is loaded this error message comes up repeatedly. If you edit the statements out of the file - then everything goes OK.

An important point was that the reload was stopped and restarted part way through (an issue with space running low) - this turns out to be crucial - see solution. During the course of writing up this question I found the answer!

error message

asked 16 May '13, 09:10

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Justin Willey
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Mark Culp

Thank you for having "displayed your unload-problem-solving-self-learning-status":)

(16 May '13, 10:35) Volker Barth

The solution was in a post on the old newsgroups of Karim Khamis's from April 2010.

sa_unload_display_table_status() is a temporary function created by the reload script after the tables have been created but before the data is loaded. Because the script was re-started the function no longer existed. As its purpose is simply to update the display, editing it out was fine as a workaround, but we'll know better another time!

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answered 16 May '13, 09:19

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Justin Willey
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