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This question is just out of curiosity, fyi, for this application it makes no difference if I used short or byte, but I wanted to ask anyway.

When mapping a tinyint column to a byte property of an entity, I get this exception: Dialect does not support DbType.Byte. I'm using SA12.0.1 and NHibernate 3.1 with Glenn Paulley's dialect. I haven't upgraded to NH3.2 yet since FluentNH didn't catch up yet.

If I use a property of type short, it's ok, no complaints. In the documentation for tinyint, it's also stated that "Also, to send a TINYINT value to a database from an application written in C, the type of the C variable should be integer."

Since both SA tinyint and .Net byte are unsigned types ranging 0-255, why would not the former be assigned to the latter?

asked 07 Mar '12, 05:12

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I think the problem is simply that the mapping of BYTE to TINYINT isn't present in my dialect - an oversight on my part.

If you want that specific mapping, you can add the line

        RegisterColumnType(DbType.Byte, "TINYINT");

to the RegisterNumericTypeMappings()routine yourself, and then recompile the NHibernate DLL with Visual Studio.

I will submit this to the NHibernate forum as a bug, so that it can be corrected in a subsequent NHibernate distribution.

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answered 07 Mar '12, 10:35

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Glenn Paulley
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Thank you for taking the time. As a note to future readers, I managed to get it working without recompiling NH by adding the line you mentioned to SybaseSQLAnywhere12Dialect class constructor.

(07 Mar '12, 11:26) henginy
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