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We came across an issue with a query without an ORDER BY clause that is returning records in a different order when comparing the results obtained in 5.5.05 and in

Query 1:
SELECT TranID, K.Description FROM BW.CKWriterTranList K, BW.TransactionDefs where TranID = ID
10003,'PO - #04 Passbook Inside Cover'
10000,'PO - #01 Charge/Credit Ticket'
10001,'PO - #02 Envelope'
10004,'PO - #05 CD Inside Cover'

Query 2:
SELECT K.TranID, T.Description FROM BW.CKWriterTranList K, BW.TransactionDefs T where K.TranID = T.ID
10000,'PO - #01 Charge/Credit Ticket'
10001,'PO - #02 Envelope'
10003,'PO - #04 Passbook Inside Cover'
10004,'PO - #05 CD Inside Cover'

Is there any parameter/option that I should turn ON/OFF to ensure both queries would result records in the same order?

asked 07 Nov '11, 18:15

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Derli Marcochi
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retagged 18 Nov '12, 10:36

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Nica _SAP

I've seen something like this under different circumstances and asked about it. The answer is usually that the order of the records returned is not guaranteed, even from query to query within the same database, unless you use an ORDER BY.

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answered 07 Nov '11, 18:59

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Siger Matt
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edited 07 Nov '11, 19:00

No, there's no such parameter, and I would think that there cannot be one:

By definition the rows in a table of a RDBMS do not have an implicit order.

AFAIK, without an ORDER BY, very old versions seem to tend to return result sets in the PK order (which you seem to expect as the "natural order") whereas newer versions take the freedom to return result sets in the most efficient way.

So, as Siger has told, you will have to use an explicit ORDER BY clause.

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answered 08 Nov '11, 02:58

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
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Thanks to confirm that!

(08 Nov '11, 09:17) Derli Marcochi
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