I would like to use a SA 11.0.1 database as a datasource for Excel 2010 or InfoPath 2010 When I use the data connection wizard of Excel or InfoPath I can choose the Sybase ODBC DSN, connection test succeeds but after that a message appears reading:

The Data Connection Wizard cannot obtain a list of databases from the specificed data source

Any recommendations?

asked 18 Aug '10, 10:26

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Mark Culp

I've had this issue with InfoPath 2007, as it doesn't seem to like anything except SQL Server based sources. This is with SA 10.0.1, however, and I haven't tried Excel.

(19 Aug '10, 00:34) Calvin Allen

After a quick web search it seems, that for people using mySQL it is possible to do it that way

(19 Aug '10, 07:47) Martin

Just a thought, but the issue may simply be due to the fact that SA does not support catalogs and Excel/InfoPath does not know what to do with a data source that returns errors for catalog metadata. No guarantees, but you might consider setting the "Prevent driver not capable errors" check box in your SA DSN and see if that gets you further.

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answered 27 Aug '10, 13:41

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Karim Khamis
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I have tried this without success. Anyway your explanation, that SA soes not support catalogs seems to be the reason.

(08 Sep '10, 07:18) Martin

A workaround is using Microsoft Query instead of direct ODBC connection. But this works only with Excel not with InfoPath (this seems to be a limitation by design of Microsoft)

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answered 19 Aug '10, 07:49

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