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I could not setup connection to any sql anywhere 11 database in visual studio 2013 nor can I preview a dataset previously setup in vs 2012. however application run time has no trouble using the SA 11 database via the application setting for the connection string used in the dataset

I tried run with admin. in cmd window the v4 "SetupVSPackage.exe /i" successfully but no luck in getting the sa 11 provider to show up for visual studio

what can I do?

btw: I'm using SA 11.01.2506 is that a problem?

asked 01 Mar '18, 04:10

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Hi, SQL Anywhere 11 does not officially support Visual Studio 2013. It is only supported in SQL Anywhere 12 and higher.

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answered 05 Mar '18, 16:28

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thank you. there seems to be quite bit behavior change in sql join forSA 12 or 17.

if we migrate to 12 then later to 17 which version of studio are supported

(05 Mar '18, 17:35) gg99
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Latest build of both SQLA 12 and 17 support Visual Studio 2015 and below. SQL Anywhere 12 is end of maintenance, so I don't think you will be able to get a license for it (something you will need to confirm with sales representative).

(05 Mar '18, 18:22) Evgeniya

there seems to be quite bit behavior change in sql join forSA 12 or 17.

What do you mean? I'm not aware of changes w.r.t. joins.

(06 Mar '18, 01:45) Volker Barth
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