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asked 17 Nov '09, 22:41

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Breck Carter
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Margaret Kam...

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I also observed that they didn't seem to be working. Thinking that I hadn't done the right kind of activities to earn the badge, I headed over to the badge listing page to read about the criteria. Sure enough, I thought I should have earned at least a couple by now...but no. It is curious that the Beta version of the StackExchange software doesn't just work.

One change that might want to be considered is changing the levels required to be reached to earn some of the higher badges.

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answered 17 Nov '09, 22:57

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Chris Kleisath
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Me too... I was wondering the same thing... but since the descriptions of the tags are pretty vague I thought that maybe I was not understanding the criteria?

(18 Nov '09, 02:16) Mark Culp

It's been 2+ weeks and badges aren't working at all; Chris has 176 points and zero badges.

However, I'm not going to do anything about it right now, not even research the problem on who does any work two days before Thanksgiving anyway? :)

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answered 24 Nov '09, 20:35

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Breck Carter
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In response to my question here, I have been told that it might be a "threshold thing"... when some magic point in the SQLA volume is reached, badges will appear.

So, I'm going to wait for a while before worrying about it again. Everyone should understand that not only is SQLA in Beta, but so is the underlying software from StackExchange.

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answered 17 Nov '09, 22:43

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Breck Carter
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edited 18 Nov '09, 17:09

From I learned that SQLA is not the only site using stackexchange with this question.

But seeing you've already got 4 badges (Scholar, Supporter, Editor, Teacher) the seems to be some magic at work behind the scenes. So maybe eventually everything will be allright (I believe in fairy tales ;-)).

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answered 25 Nov '09, 12:58

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Reimer Pods
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Update: today I noticed I've got a bag of badges myself, so apparently everything's ok.

(02 Dec '09, 15:53) Reimer Pods
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