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We are frequently get the authentication violation error during sybase database access for .Net application via SAConnection. Kindly, any one help me, how to handle this issue.

Thanks in advance! Regards, (Raja) N T

asked 08 Sep '11, 05:01

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Please provide more information. E.g. your version/build, configuration of your system, exactly how are you connection (e.g. give code snippets), etc.

(08 Sep '11, 09:17) Mark Culp

If you are an end user of a software package that includes the Authenticated Edition, the database has read-only access outside of the software application (subject to the vendors software licensing terms).

If you are a developer deploying with the Authenticated Edition, access to the database is restricted to read-only unless both the database and connection are authenticated. To authenticate, you will need to obtain the authentication signatures and apply those signatures appropriately to the database and to each connection that will need write access. After a grace period of 30 seconds for unauthenticated connections to an authenticated database, any operation that is not read-only will result in the error SQLCode -98 Authentication Violation. There is no grace period for an unauthenticated database. If you are getting an error other than -98, please provide the error code and text.

For more information on developing applications for the Authenticated Edition, please see link text

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answered 09 Sep '11, 15:09

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Chris Keating
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The last few authentication violations I've encountered had to be resolved by using a request log. If you have logging turned up high enough you can see the exact SQL command that caused the problem.

This assumes that you know you are using an OEM version of Sybase and either believe you are authenticating your connection or are not knowingly making any database changes.

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answered 09 Sep '11, 13:52

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Erik Anderson
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If you're accessing an OEM edition, the following FAQ my be of help too find out whether your app is correctly authenticated.

(09 Sep '11, 13:58) Volker Barth
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