Using Ultralite for Android, is there any way to register for notifications on predefined connection events like TableModified, Commit, Rollback and MainConnectionClosed? For iOS, it's possible to call the method RegisterForEvent (ULConnection). In the Connection class used for Android there's no equivalent method for that. If there's no other way to be notified about these events using Android, is there any plans of support for this same mechanism currently available for iOS?

We need these notifications in order to dynamically refresh a screen if the tables being used by that screen were modified during a background sync.

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As Tom said:

When the Android software was initially released, we tried to cover the most-used aspects of the UltraLite API. We have added a few items since then, such as extended cursor movement support (ResultSet beforeFirst(), first(), last(), afterLast(), relative( int offset ), getRowCount( long threshold )) and DatabaseManager.release(). We can't promise anything now, but your request is helpful as we evaluate which of the other APIs we need to implement.

RegisterForEvent was not in the original UltraLiteJ API which was probably was it was not considered critical but given we have the SyncObserver, I see no reason why it can't be added to the list for Android.

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answered 08 Aug '11, 22:12

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Is RegisterForEvent going to be released to ultraliteJ?


(17 May '12, 14:56) Renato
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