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I'm having a problem upgrading from to

These are the steps I'm performing.

  1. Unload DB using the Sybase 11 DBUNLOAD Utility to file reload.sql.
  2. Initialize a new DB using the Sybase 11 DBINIT Utility
  3. Reload the Data from reload.sql using Sybase 11 dbisqlc

On step 3 I'm getting the error Missing closing quote at Position 0 in command

If I edit the reload.sql file and do a find for %% and replace it with //%% I can reload the file fine but I do nto understand why I'd need to edit this in order to get it to work?

Am I doing something wrong or have I missed something?

Are there any switches I can use to resolve this without needing to edit the file?


asked 01 Aug '11, 17:51

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Mark Culp

Do you receive the same error if you use dbisql (the Java version)?

(01 Aug '11, 17:57) Tyson Lewis

To upgrade to v11 you should use v11 software. See

The following describes the behaviour you are seeing with the %-signs.

percent_as_comment In previous releases, the percent sign (%) could be used as a comment marker depending on the setting of the percent_as_comment database option. Now, SQL Anywhere treats the % sign as a modulo operator. See MOD function [Numeric]

permanent link

answered 01 Aug '11, 23:22

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John Smirnios
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Thanks for the information and the suggestion to try dbisql.

The problem seems to be due to a comment in a trigger that contained the word [don't]. At Tyson's suggestion I tried dbisql and I'm happy to report that I do not have a problem if I use dbisql to reload the data and the upgrade completes successfully. Thanks for your help.

Cheers KIWI

(02 Aug '11, 11:13) UkiwiS
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