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Dear all,

Do you guys have any experience or document for upgrading from SA9 to SA12? It is not only for SQL Anywhere Database But also UltraLite DB. Customer will upgrade their windows OS to Windows 2012. AS we know, SA9 can't support Win2012. They have to upgrade SA12 or 16 in forseeable future but they use PDA(Windows Professional 6.5 with UltraLite9. I think There will be something big changes on the client side. So, I hope to get some document which can guide for Ultralite and SA upgrades. Escapecially, we need Ultralite side.. Any help will be very helpful! :)

Thanks and best regards, hakwoo KIM

asked 22 Oct '14, 03:28

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Just to understand (and no, I don't have the answer):

As you state, ASA9 is not officially supported on Win2012 (though that does not necessarily mean it won't run there but apparently newer SA versions like v11 and v12 have had fixes to support that newer OS...). Furthermore, ASA9 has been EOL'ed more than 4 years ago, IIRC.

That being said, what is the connection between the database server on the server OS and the UltraLite version on the PDAs - do they use MobiLink to synchronize data? If so, note that MobiLink allows for different versions on the consolidated and the remote sites... - you might have a look at that v12.0.1 MobiLink upgrades doc topic as a starting point...

ML 12 does not support v9 clients, however ML 11 does, so that might be an optional upgrade path, although 11.0.1 has been EOL'ed lately, too.

(22 Oct '14, 04:17) Volker Barth

For UltraLite, I suppose the first question is what language/API does the application use? Does it use a reference database and ulgen?

(22 Oct '14, 10:19) Tim McClements

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