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My Windows 2008 R2x64 server is running a SA11.0.1.2627 database server.

For no reason, the server crashed with no log information about the crash.

There is nothing at console log file and no mini dump file was generated.

The only log available is the Windows Event Viewer Application Log, copied as follows:

Faulting application name: dbsrv11.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4e0536dd
Faulting module name: dbserv11.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x4e0536c2
Exception code: 0xc0000417
Fault offset: 0x00000000005a6c38
Faulting process id: 0xaf0
Faulting application start time: 0x01cc39b5b67152d6
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 11\Bin64\dbsrv11.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 11\Bin64\dbserv11.dll
Report Id: 56adb6c4-bc59-11e0-ae97-00155d830172

Any Clue?


asked 01 Aug '11, 13:46

Thiago%20Reis's gravatar image

Thiago Reis
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edited 02 Aug '11, 07:39

Mark%20Culp's gravatar image

Mark Culp

Hello Thiago,

How often is this issue occurring? Is it reproducible?

This is definitely a server crash and we will need to obtain a memory dump from the server in order to provide more context about the reason for the crash. We unfortunately will not be able to diagnose the issue from the above posted information.

Upon a crash, SQL Anywhere 11 should automatically create a (mini) memory dump file in %SADIAGDIR% (usually "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%Application DataSQL Anywhere 11diagnostics" ). If dbsupport is not installed / configured, it will attempt to create the dump file in the same directory as the database file, or possibly the TEMP directory.


You can submit the dump file using "dbsupport -sa" and post the submission ID here so we can quickly check for you if this is a known issue.

If this is an urgent issue, we would encourage you to work directly with technical support by opening a technical support case and upload the crash files directly to us.

(02 Aug '11, 14:27) Jeff Albion

Hi Jeff,

In two months running on production, this is the first time the server has crashed WITHOUT generating a Mini Dump file.

In other circunstances the mini dump file was generated sucessfully. But not this time.

Unfortunatelly I can´t reproduce the problem.

I guess I´ll have to wait another crash and try to reproduce it.

Thank you!

(02 Aug '11, 15:22) Thiago Reis

The problem was solved by Sybase Engineering as folows:

QTS #681398 - Server could crash while using UNLOAD statement to unload data to a file.

The correction was addressed at build #2661.


EDIT: Full description (with interesting details, methinks):

The server could have crashed while using the UNLOAD statement to unload data with 'APPEND ON' to a file if that file was also being deleted by some other process. This has been fixed.

permanent link

answered 22 Sep '11, 06:46

Thiago%20Reis's gravatar image

Thiago Reis
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edited 26 Sep '11, 10:51

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth

Further details about this resolution can be found here:

(26 Sep '11, 10:43) Jeff Albion

Thiago, you should accept this post as the answer to clearly show others what the solution was.

(26 Sep '11, 10:49) Martin


This may sound a bit old-school, but hardware failures can cause otherwise-unexplainable application and system crashes. Unhandled memory errors are the most common hardware source, but blown-out capacitors on the system board have also caused problems.

If you can afford some system down-time, try testing the memory and visually inspecting for failed capacitors (look for bulged ends or any sign of fluid leakage).

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answered 17 Sep '11, 21:00

William%20Clardy's gravatar image

William Clardy
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This is a STATUS_INVALID_CRUNTIME_PARAMETER exception. You say, that no dump is created, so it might be, that the exception is thrown as a result of trying to call _invoke_watson to dump the real exception. Which would mean, that the information necessary for Sybase to identify any flaw is obscurred by this subsequent error.

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answered 20 Sep '11, 03:00

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