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I´m running a SA11.0.1.2596 with HA in a Windows 2008R2x64.

My problem is the database server is shutting down with no indication of why. I´ve got just an "Internal Server Error". There is nothing on the console log file and the request logging file does not show nothing that explains the crash.

I´ve looked to the crash log file and the only readable information is "EXCEPTION_CODE=3221225477".

I´ve changed "PUBLIC.MAX_QUERY_TASKS" to "1" and nothing happened.

As far as my production enviroment is a 24/7, I´ve returned it to SA9.0.2.3687.

I´m going to send the DUMP file to Sybase Brasil support team.

Until there, any clue?

Thanks, Thiago.

asked 05 Jun '11, 18:13

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Thiago Reis
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Why would you expect "max_query_tasks" to make a difference?

And could you tell more about the usage scenario (many connections/high workload etc.9 when the shutdown appears? And what does the mirror server do?

(06 Jun '11, 09:01) Volker Barth

Your Exception code is C0000005 => Segmentation fault the most common crash you can have, it means memory which is not allocated has been accessed.

Maybe, what you can check is if on both servers the SA version is correctly patched (not that you have an old .dll anywhere)

You might try to update to ... check the readme for crash fixes

(06 Jun '11, 11:12) Martin

Thanks for the answers.

I had this problem just after the migration on sunday, so the server was really free, with no more than 10 users. We have Web Servers using SAJDBC.JAR driver and Desktop applications using ADO.NET.

After the primary goes down, the mirror do the failover process, start the database and then shutdown too. Can it be a specific query the reason of shutdown?

I´ve found in another forum the same exception error on SA10 and SA11 and someone have suggested to try the MAX_QUERY_TASKS. This the reason I´ve tried this change.

I´ve tried the newest build 2606. Same problem. I´ll check the build dlls and try to overload the server memory.


(06 Jun '11, 12:49) Thiago Reis

My database server is protected by a private network. There is no connection with internet. I´ll send the mini-dump files by e-mail. Thanks.

(06 Jun '11, 13:52) Thiago Reis

I´ve found a way to reproduce the error on my development environment. It´s just a sub-query that in a few seconds uses ALL server memory...almost 7GBytes. This query crashes the primary, and then crashes the mirror, because my application keeps trying to run it again until the mirror becomes primary.

This is the query with false table names and false column names:

SELECT c_seq, b_name 
FROM schema.a A
JOIN schema.b B ON a_b_seq = b_seq 
JOIN schema.c C1 ON user_seq = c_user_seq 
WHERE a_type_seq = 12
AND c_st = 's'
 FROM schema.c C2 
 JOIN schema.d D ON d_c_seq = C1.c_seq 
 WHERE C1.c_seq = C2.c_seq ) >= date(current timestamp) 
ORDER BY b_name;


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answered 10 Jun '11, 18:24

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Thiago Reis
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edited 26 Aug '11, 10:24

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Siger Matt


Problem solved with new build version #2622.


(21 Jun '11, 17:36) Thiago Reis

how did u identify the query causing the problem? am also facing this same problem with build version 2483

(26 Aug '11, 01:32) Karuppasamy

My application logs all errors in html files. I´ve searched these files near the server shutdown time. In other hand, I´ve sent the mini-dump files and Sybase Engineering found the same query and a new build was produced.

(26 Aug '11, 06:23) Thiago Reis

The mini-dump file you've sent into the Sybase Brasil support team is the key to this problem.

If you used dbsupport to submit the file, you can run "dbsupport -ls" to show the submission IDs of the mini-dump files you've sent to Sybase. If you post the numbers here, somebody might be able to have a quick look (no guarantees).

There is no answer that can be provided without looking at the mini-dump file, so the answer will need to be provided from the Sybase Brasil support team if you are e-mailing the dump files to them.

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answered 06 Jun '11, 13:34

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Reg Domaratzki
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edited 07 Jun '11, 10:45

I was informed the mini-dump files have been sent to Sybase Engineering.

I´ve sent the Submission ID 580158 on Wed Jun 08 12:28:23 2011.

Thanks, Thiago Reis.

(08 Jun '11, 13:50) Thiago Reis
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