Please be aware that the content in SAP SQL Anywhere Forum will be migrated to the SAP Community in June and this forum will be retired.

OSQA is an alternative to StackExchange. An OSQA version of SQLA will be available for testing soon.

The evaluation period for OSQA and other alternatives to StackExchange will take months, not days or weeks. Many questions must be answered.

Plus, any data you enter on any of the evaluation sites will not be preserved when/if we switch over... this website, the current StackExchange version of SQLA, is the master copy, and it will be re-migrated when the time comes.

asked 23 Apr '10, 11:08

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Breck Carter
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This is a clear and understandable strategy and therefore trustworthy (in contrast to other business strategies...). Thanks, Breck! (Not that I had expected less.)

(23 Apr '10, 22:26) Volker Barth

Any chance on 'priming the pump' at OSQA with the data currently here?

(23 Apr '10, 23:17) Calvin Allen

@Calvin: Yes, the folks at OSQA have imported a StackExchange data dump from a few days ago. I'm expecting the same to happen at the shapado site at some point. The ability to import is a prerequisite.

(24 Apr '10, 09:03) Breck Carter

Hi Everyone, and thanks for your interest in trying out OSQA. We're enthusiastic about the possibility of getting OSQA to support SQL Anywhere, and there have been some good reports of success with others using SQL Anywhere in conjunction with Django (the underlying Python framework we use.)

It would be helpful if some of you SQLA experts would jump in and help us get SQL Anywhere integrated, tested and fully supported. Remember, this is the open source world, and your knowledge and effort can help move this feature forward.

So, without further ado, please enjoy visiting SQLA on OSQA. This data dump was loaded with a preliminary importer, and a couple of known glitches have been found since then. Still, I think most of the important stuff is there, and we hope OSQA serves your community well.

Rick Ross

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answered 26 Apr '10, 12:15

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Rick Ross
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