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I think I must be missing something very obvious! I'm trying to run a very long sql script (with Run Script) , which generates large number of unimportant (in this context) warnings. While behaviour on error can be controlled using the Options | General | Command Files settings, warnings still seem to halt execution and require manual intervention.

There is a command line switch (-q) so I have a work around, but I don't see any equivalent setting in the GUI.


asked 24 Mar '11, 10:41

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Justin Willey
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Setting the on_error option to 'Continue' should (but currently does not) prevent warnings from being displayed. This is a behavior change that was inadvertently introduced in version 9.0.1. We'll issue a fix for this in an upcoming EBF. Thanks for pointing it out.

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answered 25 Mar '11, 10:39

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Chris Irie
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set temporary option on_error = 'Continue';

to your SQL script should cause your script to continue if there are errors or warnings.

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answered 25 Mar '11, 09:05

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Ian McHardy
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Thanks for the suggestion, but while it does prevent errors interrupting execution, warnings still bring up a dialog box.

This can be illustrated by this script:

set temporary option on_error = 'Continue';
select * from NonExistentTable;
select first * from TableThatDoesExist;
select * from AnotherTableThatDoesExist;

Execution stops with a warning that the result is non-deterministic, having continued past the error caused by the non-existent table.

(25 Mar '11, 09:30) Justin Willey
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