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If you can see the image (I can't) it shows what I'm talking about... sigh... image uploading has been a hit-or-miss thing lately... the upload seemed to work, but neither the preview nor final display shows it... sigh :)

asked 16 Jul '13, 15:45

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Breck Carter
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Maybe I need more points... maybe the SCN point system is being applied here :)

(16 Jul '13, 15:49) Breck Carter
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Yes, read permissions for the "upfiles" folder do not seem to be correct currently. The files should be on the file system, they just aren't currently accessible by the web service.

... Hopefully, this will be fixed shortly!

(16 Jul '13, 16:44) Jeff Albion

alt text

(16 Jul '13, 16:53) Breck Carter

Sorry... should be fixed.

... or not. One moment please...

OK, now it's fixed.

(16 Jul '13, 20:14) Graeme Perrow, what was the question again? :)

(16 Jul '13, 20:36) Breck Carter

In its current form, the option cannot be turned off and is not highly configurable.

The background syntax colour highlight is a transparent variation of the text highlight background colour. The only way to turn it 'off' is to also make the text highlight background colour white (and then make the text highlight foreground colour to something other than white for text highlighting purposes...).

I have opened CR #743754 as potential enhancement request to a future version of SQL Anywhere to include an option to configure the bracket highlight syntax colour (and also turn the feature on/off).

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answered 19 Jul '13, 10:32

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Jeff Albion
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When you write "text highlight background color", I believe you were referring to "Tools - Option - Editor - Format - Language element: - Text Selection - Background:" Deltas and Gammas sometimes treat text selection and text highlighting as different concepts.

No "something other" choice was apparent, but the following combination...

Text Selection

Foreground: White

Background: LightGray

yields parenthesis highlighting that is virtually invisible... well, at least a lot less annoying... and the Text Selection of white-on-lightgray is... well, sort of acceptable.

Perhaps CR#743754 should be edited to include the phrase "look for the unintended consequences of any enhancement that might actually be an undesirable behavior change".

Or to put it more simply: Don't invent another Segway!

alt text

It's more than just a Cranky Old Coder thing, the parenthesis highlighting makes the cursor almost invisible!

(19 Jul '13, 12:26) Breck Carter
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