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Does anyone have experience running ASA under VMWare or Xen or anyother virtual machine. If so what was your experience doing so (performance, security, replication issues). The database that I want to do this to does not process that many transactions per minute but the database is currently about 40 gig in size and growing.

Even if you have just general observations it would be helpfull.

My clients IT department is trying to reduce the number of servers they currently support so I need information to participate in the discussion.

asked 10 Feb '10, 21:10

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Jay Turner
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"Are you running your database in a virtual machine?" is one of the first questions to ask when someone is experiencing very bad performance from their database server.

It's right up there with, "Does your database need reorganization?", "Is your hard drive fragmented?", "Are you running with OPTIMIZATION_GOAL = 'First-row'?" and "Have you waved a dead chicken over the keyboard yet?"

From what I've been told (I am not a VM expert) it is very easy to screw up the VM setup so the performance of even a lightly loaded database sucks (I could point to one that's visible on the web, but I'm under NDA).

In other words, VMs make system administrators more important, not less. If your system administrator is like my system administrator, stay away from VMs... just kidding... no, that's true... wait, I was joking... [thwack] [ouch]

Here's the truth: There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

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answered 11 Feb '10, 11:11

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Breck Carter
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We also have clients running SA11 in a virtual environment (DB size 6 to 10 GB). If enough memory is assigned to the VM, everything runs smoothly.

BTW virtualization helps them to ensure that not all resources are devoured by other services (SQL Server, Exchange Server to name a few) without having to dig deep into specific configuration details.

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answered 11 Feb '10, 09:01

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Reimer Pods
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What is the load on this server and what else is running concurrently on the host server?

(11 Feb '10, 18:48) Jay Turner
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I can't tell exactly (our part in that story is only our software), but it would be around 20 to 30 connections, SQL Server, Exchange Server (mail only), Document Management System, and the usual file and print services. 2 Quadcores and 8 or 16 GB RAM AFAIK.

(12 Feb '10, 09:03) Reimer Pods

We have a few clients that do this, and it works extremely well for them.

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answered 10 Feb '10, 22:11

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Calvin Allen
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How many users are using these database. What virtualization product to they use (vmware, xen, other)?

(11 Feb '10, 18:47) Jay Turner
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