Windows 2008 R2 (and others), System Properties, Advanced tab, Performance - Settings button, Data Execution Prevention tab

DEP can be turned off per program or completely here.

What is best practice for Sybase SQL Anywhere in this regard?

Thanks Ivan

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Seems it is irrelevant ion my case as I am using 64 bit and I found this:


"System DEP configuration settings apply only for 32-bit applications and processes when running on 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows. On 64-bit versions of Windows, if hardware-enforced DEP is available it is always applied to 64-bit processes and kernel memory spaces and there are no system configuration settings to disable it."

(22 Sep '11, 11:52) ivankb

It should always be safe to run SQL Anywhere with DEP enabled. Moreover, just as Microsoft did for 64-bit software, I'd enable DEP everywhere on 32-bit systems. If you encounter a problem, ensure it is not due to malware then look for updates that are compatible with DEP and, if none are available, disable DEP for that particular process. There weren't many programs that legitimately executed code from data pages -- I think I recall that some printer drivers did it.

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answered 22 Sep '11, 22:34

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