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As DBA I freqeuently use SETUSER to impersonate other users or to impersonate a role that owns a schema (often "dbo", as we have used that for user-defined objects out ot MS SQL compatibility).

With a database running on, I often (but not always) get an error message when issuing SETUSER dbo - claiming SQLCODE -121 ("Permission denied: you do not have permission to set user "dbo"). It does also fail for some other users.

Of course the DBA user does have that privilege, as the following query reveals:

select * from sp_displayroles ('DBA', 'expand_down') where role_name = 'SET USER';

I don't notice that behaviour with and have never noticed that in previous versions...

What could cause this effect?

asked 17 Nov '23, 06:41

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Volker Barth
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Sorry about that. I see that we failed to generate a bug fix entry for SQL Anywhere (we did for SAP IQ).

The issue is fixed in version

permanent link

answered 10 May, 10:44

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Thanks, that's great. We'll get updated.

(10 May, 12:40) Justin Willey

Re: What could cause this effect?

A bug was introduced in a recent change. It can be caused by executing grant/revoke statements on a separate connection. It is corrected in an upcoming release.

permanent link

answered 20 Nov '23, 11:12

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Hi - I can't see a fix for this between builds 7458 & 7672. Does anyone know if it is still an issue in the latest build?

(10 May, 08:18) Justin Willey
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