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I am testing the implementation of replication error and replication error piece database options. The docs say replication error procedure is called twice once with the error and then again with the SQL statement which caused the error. In my testing I am only seeing the error no SQL statement. I am also not seeing any information from the replication_error_piece procedure.

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asked 17 Sep '23, 08:38

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J Diaz
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FWIW, there's more info in the documentation:

The procedure is called once with the SQL error message and once with the SQL statement that causes the error. In some circumstances (such as foreign key violations), the SQL statement that caused the error is not available, so the stored procedure can only be called once.

Wild guess: I would assume "some circumstance" happened so there is no SQL statement to share and therefore there's no need to split contents between replication_error and replication_errpr_piece.

Just to add: We have used the replication_error option since v8 and almost always got both the error message and the according SQL statement, say with duplicate PKs, violated check constraints and the like.

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answered 18 Sep '23, 04:09

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Volker Barth
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Thanks very much this makes sense. I was testing by causing foreign key failures so no sql statement.


(18 Sep '23, 06:39) J Diaz
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