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So I have another odd question for the group.

We have been running file based replication for a solid 10 years within this one database I'm maintaining. Every time a user replicates from off-site, the last thing we do is copy their individual replication log that we generate each time using the -o and -v switches. We replace it each time on the users machine and copy it to our consolidated log directory. So they only have a copy of their latest log file and it gets replaced each time they run replication.

Now, on the server side, we keep a consolidated log of EVERYTHING that gets replicated up to the consolidated database. It's allowed us to chase down errors that we could then fix via our resolve update triggers. Life was wonderful!!

Uhhh.... That was until our consolidated log file reached the size of 2,051,388KB.

Now I have the wonderful issue that I don't have an editor that will open the log file. So yes, I'm guessing I need to find something that can split this file in half, or shave a chunk off of it, and then save half of it. Save the other half, etc. You get the picture.

So I've tried notepad and notepad++ to open the log file. I'm on a 64bit machine with 8 gig of RAM. No luck.

Anybody aware of any editors that would open a file this big? The replication engine obviously has no problem continuing to append the current content onto the end of the file.

Anywho... Just curious if anybody is aware of an editor that could open up file this large.

Thanks everyone! :)

Jeff Gibson
Intercept Solutions - SAP/Sybase SQL Anywhere Application Development Partner
Nashville, TN

asked 23 Jun '15, 19:17

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Jeff Gibson
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goggle this...

how do i split a large text file

(23 Jun '15, 20:47) Breck Carter

Just for the record (in case I'm not the only one who has been irritated initially:))

Jeff is talking about the console log, not the transaction log.

Jeff: Note that dbremote.exe (just as the database engine) allows to automatically create a new console log file when the current one has reached a certain size (and then rename the current one) with the -os size option - that's no help currently but may avoid too huge console logs in the future.

(24 Jun '15, 03:30) Volker Barth
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That is correct Volker. It's the log that basically show in a text format what statements were ran against the database. Was there an error. Was it successful. Etc. It absolutely is not the transaction log. :)

(26 Jun '15, 23:32) Jeff Gibson

Do you really need to edit your log file? If not, then try a big file viewer instead of an editor.

(28 Jun '15, 12:30) Dmitri

Absolutely do not need to edit it. Just need to view it.

Got any suggestions on a big file viewer? :)

(28 Jun '15, 16:16) Jeff Gibson

Not really... I use Total Commander which has such viewer from day one.

(29 Jun '15, 03:32) Dmitri
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Steps to fix the transaction log

  1. Stop the service from Sybase Central.

  2. Move the existing log file that is tied to the database to a different location.

  3. Launch a command prompt and navigate to where your SQL Anywhere databases are stored.

For example: F:\Temp>

Type > dbeng50.exe software.db You may need to type in the full path to your dbeng50 executable if sqlany50 is not in your system path. For example: "C:\Program Files\sqlany50\win32\dbeng50.exe" dbfilename.db

Note: This step will start the database server without the transaction log for the first time.

  1. Type > dbeng50.exe -f dbfilename.db

Note: This step will fix the database server.

  1. Type > dbeng50.exe dbfilename.db

Note: This step will connect to the database and write a new transaction log.

  1. Click the Shutdown button to stop the server.

  2. Launch Sybase Central and restart the service.

Note: You can adjust the file so that it no longer uses a transaction log.

  1. Verify that all information is valid for the master_dbs table.


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answered 17 Jul '15, 03:18

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[NO-MOCKERY-ALLOWED]  Jeff doesn't say what version he's using but I seriously doubt it's 5.  [/NO-MOCKERY-ALLOWED]

(17 Jul '15, 08:29) Breck Carter
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I started reading 5 thinking (What the what?!?!?!) :D

(20 Jul '15, 10:00) Jeff Gibson

Breck. You do know I'm not talking about the transaction log, but the replication log that is generated showing each statement that was fired. Did it succeed or fail, etc?

(20 Jul '15, 10:03) Jeff Gibson
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Jeff: Yes but [NO-MOCKERY-ALLOWED] Hanson apparently doesn't... nor does whoever upvoted the reply [/NO-MOCKERY-ALLOWED].

(20 Jul '15, 13:15) Breck Carter

All: Feel free to accuse me of being passive-aggressive with my < strike > jokes, it's my Inner Dexter :)

(20 Jul '15, 13:18) Breck Carter

Ahh yes. See, I was not paying attention to the original poster.

alt text

(20 Jul '15, 20:01) Jeff Gibson

Years ago, a friend said "I could never understand why anyone would buy a TV show on DVD. Movies, sure, but a TV show? Then I got one and ended up in front of the TV for the entire weekend!"

Fast forward twenty years and we have Netflix.

And we also have ( or DO we? :) the National Centre for Netflix Addiction.

(21 Jul '15, 06:46) Breck Carter
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Opens the file a bit at a time and should be good for up to 10GB logs. We have used a similar one for large translated transaction logs, (I know you are talking about replication logs but the principal applies) ;)

EDIT: That one is not as good as I thought.

The one mentioned here: (which is the one we used before) does the job beautifully. Unfortunately the website links is no longer operational. I have it though and can put it on a ftp for you if you want it - it's freeware?!?!

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answered 22 Oct '15, 12:29

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edited 22 Oct '15, 12:52

Absolutely!! Would love to get my hands on that. Feel free to email me at

(13 Nov '15, 16:30) Jeff Gibson
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Jeff - have mailed you as well but the file is just on our website. Seemed little point securing it as it is freeware;

Just extract the files to a folder and run the LTFViewr5u.exe. All pretty self explanatory i.e. open the file and you'll be amazed how quickly it opens stupidly large text files!

(16 Nov '15, 09:05) RADicalSYS
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