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Our operations center performs full backups of our consolidated database weekly and incremental backups before and after each dbremote run. These incremental backups are applied to the validated full database backup daily. This process has been in place for years. Recently sometime after our upgrade to SQLA 17 the application of the log files are failing occasionally.

I have received three log files which failed to apply on three different occasions, each of these files when translated included a SQL Remote passthrough statement.

I believe we may have a BUG...

Thanks for the help.


asked 15 Nov '21, 15:34

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J Diaz
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What error are you getting when you apply the transaction log?

(15 Nov '21, 15:45) Reg Domaratzki
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No error is given the process just hangs at ... recovery 0% complete

(15 Nov '21, 16:40) J Diaz

> a SQL Remote passthrough statement

What kind of statement(s)? Different kinds, or the same kind on all three occasions?

Can you create a small, separate reproducible? I.e., tiny databases with just enough DDL to reproduce the symptom.

(16 Nov '21, 09:38) Breck Carter
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Let me see what I can do to recreate on a smaller database. I will also get a copy of the last db log file that caused the error.

(16 Nov '21, 09:48) J Diaz

Recently sometime after our upgrade to SQLA 17 the application of the log files are failing occasionally.

So what version have you been using before?

(16 Nov '21, 10:03) Volker Barth
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Would you be able to generate a dump file from Task Manager of the dbsrv17 process when it's hung and provide :

  1. The dump file
  2. The dbsrv17 start line
  3. The output from dbsrv17
  4. The transaction log it was applying when it hung

If yes, I'll provide a location for you to upload to.


(16 Nov '21, 10:04) Reg Domaratzki

(16 Nov '21, 12:31) J Diaz

I've requested this data but I'm not sure what's available at the very least I can arrange for them to collect it after the next passthrough

(16 Nov '21, 15:32) J Diaz


I've got everything but a dump file there was none because the process hung it didn't crash. Let me know how best to get this to you.

(17 Nov '21, 14:48) J Diaz
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