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I would like to pre-allocate disk space before applying multiple log files to a database is this possible. One additional complication is the database has auditing turned on.


Thanks Jim

asked 08 Oct '10, 17:22

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Jim Diaz
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Volker Barth

If you are using dbsrv9 -a to apply the transaction logs in recovery mode to a backup copy of the database, then I think the answer is "no".

The reason is that you have to run ALTER DBSPACE to pre-allocate disk space, and that implies you are going to start the database in normal mode (without -a) before applying the logs, and once you do that, you can't run dbsrv9 -a to apply the logs because the database is now "a different database" (the transaction log has been updated and ends at a different offset).

An alternative is to run dbtran and apply the resulting SQL commands, but if the transaction logs are large, that's a nasty task that is fraught with error... and probably much slower than just letting dbsrv9 grow the database file for you. Don't forget to defragment the drive afterwards.

The Help suggests dbsrv9 -c big-amount when your using -a if you want to speed things up.

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answered 09 Oct '10, 09:23

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Breck Carter
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I guess the situation is the same for newer versions, right?

(10 Oct '10, 15:02) Volker Barth

Yes... V10 introduced -ad -ar and -as as enhancements/alternatives to -a but none of those address the situation described above.

(11 Oct '10, 13:35) Breck Carter
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