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dbsrv17.exe "E:\demo.db" -n 2011n -x tcpip -c 512m -gm 10 -xs http(port=80;maxrequestsize=70m;LOPT=ALL,HEADERS;LOG=D:\WEB.LOG) -zoc clientinfo.txt -qn

Why does this parameter affect web services with limited access!(-gm) Why is the API data of other systems provided by WEP services also affected by this GM restriction? What should I use to solve this problem!

asked 30 Oct '21, 00:22

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The -gm is intended to limit concurrent connections both standard and http based. Please review the MaxConnections protocol option or Reserved_Connections option if you need to limit HTTP based connections only.

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answered 30 Oct '21, 10:48

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Chris Keating
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I don't limit http. I need to limit the number of 2638 port connections. Using GM parameters will affect all of them. Can't I limit port 2638 alone?

(03 Nov '21, 00:08) mfkpie8
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I guess you can use a custom login_procedure to limit the number of regular connections.

I guess you would probably need to do some calculation over the number of current licensed connections (via rows in sa_conn_info() with number < 100000000) and properties HttpNumConnections resp. HttpsNumConnections. If the difference (aka non-web connections) is higher than desired, and the new connection is not a web connection, you would reject it. Compare the (simpler) sample in the cited doc topic.

(I have no database with web connections in use currently, so can't check that approach myself...)

(03 Nov '21, 05:55) Volker Barth
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