We've recently had to transition a DB to being hosted by our provider, instead of on-prem. With that, they've given us read-only access to the database to continue utilizing local scripts for pulling data.

Unfortunately, I've realized a few scripts of ours utilized custom functions that had been added to Sybase.

With read-only access, I can't add these functions to the remote database.

I'm trying to find another option, for example - installing functions locally with a way to execute them on the remote server.

I'm at a loss with this though, and am looking for any possible guidance.

Also - I've requested the functions be added, but I feel that is pretty unlikely.

asked 03 Jul '20, 16:44

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I do not know whether I have understood your situation and requirements - so just FWIW, you can create temporary functions and temporary procedures with SQL Anywhere, and the docs state

Temporary stored procedures can be created and dropped when connected to a read-only database,...

Note, these are only visible for the current connection.

This may or may not be of help here.

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answered 03 Jul '20, 17:05

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Volker Barth
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That's perfect - I didn't realize that temporary functions could be utilized on a read-only database.

Thanks for your help!

(03 Jul '20, 17:31) JWise93
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