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We want to write a downloaded file with scripting to a folder on the client machine. But the procedure write_client_file() seems to be missing. Has it been replaced? Has it something to do with having the proper rights. The function is mentioned in the help files and I would expect that the function would be available. The error we get:

Could not execute statement.
Procedure 'write_client_file' not found
SQLCODE=-265, ODBC 3 State="42S02"

asked 07 Apr '23, 03:47

Frank%20Vestjens's gravatar image

Frank Vestjens
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That function should not be 'CALL'ed. It should be executed either as SELECT or via a SET var =. Here is an example:

set temporary option allow_write_client_file = 'on'; // permit write_client_file for current connection
select write_client_file( 'c:\temp\write_client_file.txt', 'Testing write_client_file with SELECT' );
set retval = write_client_file( 'c:\temp\write_client_file2.txt', 'Testing write_client_file with SET' );

-- but this will report Procedure 'write_client_file' not found
call write_client_file( 'c:\temp\write_client_file3.txt', 'Testing write_client_file with CALL'

It is also possible to further secure the feature with -sf.

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answered 07 Apr '23, 09:30

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Chris Keating
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Check the documentation for write_client_file here. You need to ensure a number of privileges have been enabled/set before using this function.

Also, you must be using a client API that uses the CmdSeq protocol (ODBC, dblib). If you are using any of the other APIs then this function cannot be used. What client API are you using?

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answered 07 Apr '23, 07:38

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Mark Culp
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edited 07 Apr '23, 07:42

We're trying to run the function from within a script in the database.

But according to your comment this does not seem to be possible. This can only be achieved by creating a share on the client that is accessible from the server the database is running and then us xp_Write_file()

(07 Apr '23, 08:31) Frank Vestjens
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How and where do you execute that script? For example, it certainly is doable to run a script within a CmdSeq-based client on a user machine that accesses files on the client machine or on net shares that client can access... We do so.

(07 Apr '23, 12:51) Volker Barth

From a client application we call a stored procedure where we want to pass the location where to store the file on the client. The procedure first downloads a binary file using a web service and then needs to store it on the passed location on the client. The client application is a windows application that uses the ODBC driver to connect to the database.

(08 Apr '23, 05:57) Frank Vestjens
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That should work but when the client file read/write is issued within a stored procedure (in contrast to via directly from the client code), it requires a particular ODBC callback, see here, in addition to the required privilege.

(08 Apr '23, 12:05) Volker Barth
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