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My Environment ... VS2013 with EF 6.0.0 installed and operating with SQLAnywhere I wanted to spin off a set of EF6 classes to operate with my shiny new SQLAnywhere database.

I finally got the SQLAnywhere data provider to play with VS2013 and the ADO.NET Data Model object. Well on my way to an integrated solution? WRONG.

I was greatly surprised to find the "integrated" product does not support stored procedures? The wizard clearly has these options DISABLED. Having used this wizard with SQL Server, I know the wizard is fully capable of Stored Procedures.

This technology (VS & ADO.NET) has been around for over a decade. approaching 2, I think. so now my question(s) ....

Why would a company such as Watcom/Sybase/iAnywhere/SAP produce a data provider that was incomplete?

Are you trying to make it difficult to use Stored Procedures? Is that a capability you don't want exposed in ADO.NET? I know you can still call a stored procedure using ADO.NET, but we can't get a description of the interface?

I am sure this is a matter of just completing a section of code in the Data Provider. How about an update to fix this hole? Make the product a little easier to use.

asked 11 Jun '20, 13:02

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Others might ask "How do I get stored procedure support enabled with VS2013, ADO.NET and EF 6.0.0?"

...but you chose the passive aggressive AF approach :)

(11 Jun '20, 13:26) Breck Carter

You could start by explaining what you mean by "The wizard". Microsoft has wizards that generate SQL code suitable for SQL Server and makes life very difficult for other SQL dialects. In some cases, we are able to replace those code-gen pieces with custom versions suitable for SQL Anywhere. In some cases - not. In any case, tell us more - perhaps with some "here are the steps I am trying to do".

(11 Jun '20, 16:20) JBSchueler
1) Start DB
2) Start VS 2013
3) Create New Project -- C# console is ok
4)Click on Project Name . Choose Add >> New Item
5) In Add Item windows, click on Data on Left, the Select ADO.NET Data Model. Click Add at bottom
6) EF DEsigner from Database will be highlighted. Click Next
7) On Chose your Data Connection, complete and click next
    Data Connect should use .NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Anywhere 17 (SQL Anywhere 17) provider
8) Select EF6 and choose next.
9) Note the DB Selection screen appears and SP/Functions is disabled

have picture I can send if necessary

(13 Jun '20, 01:28) justnobody
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