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Hi, We're having the following issue with Mobilink. When trying to synchronize then the following message is displayed: There is no upload data script defined for table: mytable. If you want to be able to synchronize anyway, with the risk of potentially using upload data, use the -fr switch. And the synchronization fails.

alt text[link text][2] I can't understand this issue, because mytable exists in both database A and consolidated database B, and we checked the structure and it is the same. How can we check what is causing this error? Could it be a problem with the data in mytable? link text

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For every table on the client you should define an upload_insert, upload_update, update_delete, download_cursor and download_delete_cursor script. This error is saying that you don't have an upload script defined. This is bad because if you make a change on the remote, that change will not be applied against the consolidated and will be lost. This might be intentional, but it is more often a common error.

There are five things you can do to fix this:

  1. if you are making changes on the remote, you probably want to add the missing scripts. Without the scripts the changes can't be applied to the consolidated.
  2. if you are not making any changes on the remote, you can do a download only sync
  3. if you not changing this one table, you can mark it as download only
  4. you can add the -fr option to your server. This is probably not what you want; it is a global option that affects all tables in all script versions, so it can hide bugs in your application
  5. in newer versions of the server you can add a script with the contents "--{ml_ignore}". This is just a localized version of 4.
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answered 13 Aug '14, 14:51

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