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When I set up a consolidated db, is it mandatory to create the prototype on the remote device too? Or is there any method by which the schema can be generated directly there through mobilink while I try for 'first time' synchronization?

asked 09 Jan '12, 08:13

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There is no built-in way for MobiLink server to automatically generate a remote database. Nevertheless, you have several options to do what you want to do.

You can use the MobiLink plug-in to Sybase Central and deploy both to the consolidated and to a remote. The deploy simply generates the remote database, typically to the same machine running Sybase Central, so it is more of a development-time step. This deployed remote database can be used as a starting point for your remotes in the field, but you need figure out how to get the remote databases to the field.

In version 12.0.1, the Central Administration of Remotes feature (*d5e7832), can be used, but only if your remotes are laptops/desktop/server machines. Once it is set up, you can centrally perform application-specific logic at the remotes, including deployment of a MobiLink remote. It isn't nearly as powerful as Afaria because Central Admin of Remotes is more for simple management of synchronization applications, while Afaria is for full-blown device management.

Outside of Central Admin of Remotes, you could create your own deploy process using mlfiletransfer, for example.

FWIW, SQL Remote has a straightforward way of automatically generating a remote database via dbextract, but it only supports SQL Anywhere to SQL Anywhere replication, and some mobile devices like iOS, Android and BlackBerry don't support SQL Remote.

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answered 09 Jan '12, 09:44

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Thanks RussC_FromSybase. We are trying to build sync app for iPad, so SQL Remote isn't the option for sure. I wonder if 'Central Administration of Remotes feature' can be useful, given its limited device support. Any idea? FYI, are using Ultralite as remote storage and MS SQL server as consolidated one. Thank you once again.

(10 Jan '12, 00:42) Bose
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Central Admin doesn't apply to iOS devices. But Apple has infrastructure for deploying, updating, and notifying applications which works pretty well.

For iOS, you'll typically bundle an initial database with the application, or else download it from the server after deployment. Bundling with the app is easier to get going, I think. You can also bundle just the schema (as a .sql file), and create/update the device database from that (via the 'alter database schema from file' statement).

(10 Jan '12, 09:47) Tim McClements

Unfortunately the Central Admin of Remotes feature isn't available on iOS.

As for grabbing the schema from the consolidated:

  • There is significant, but incomplete, compatibility between UltraLite SQL and SQL Anywhere SQL
  • The C-based UltraLite supports connections from DBISQL
  • The C-based UltraLite database file format (UDB) is compatible between all supported platforms

You may find it easiest to extract the schema on a PC or Mac, create a UL database there, manipulate the SQL Anywhere SQL and apply it via DBISQL, then deploy it to your device.

(10 Jan '12, 09:52) RussC_FromSAP
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Thanks to both of you for your extended support. Please help me if you please, Thanks in advance again.

(11 Jan '12, 03:26) Bose
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