I'm leading the database element of an upgrade/migration project,to upgrade our Oracle consolidated db to Oracle 12c (from 9i), and Mobilink Server 16.

Currrently : about 1300 remotes (SQLAnywhere 10), syncing to Oracle 9i (approx 12 tb; billions of rows).

I had hopes that 'mlreplay' (came in with SQLA 12 ?) would help me with volume testing, but the docs/examples are a bit sparse.

So, may be a stupid question, but, will/can 'mlreplay' actually try and re-apply inserts/updates to the consolidated db ? If so, how does it generate new PK values ?

Or does it just simulate the load on the Mobilink serve, without trying to commit to the consolidated ? Which is still helpful, but not clear from the docs.

Thank you

asked 11 Feb '20, 22:16

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five years ago, I played with VTO. To be short, not with Mobilink. I didn't like replay, because it doesn't allow "scripting". You cannot change the parameters much. There was only one solution, that I used -> write a .NET application using Ultralite libraries, and start this app on a powerful VM with a RAM drive.

Very rough estimations are -> you can launch two apps per VM core. Otherwise the price for EXE files execution will be very high. Your VM will be overloaded.

It is not a good answer, and maybe not a good comment.

(12 Feb '20, 09:20) Vlad
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Hi Vlad, is VTO the SAP Volume Test Optimization toolset ? Thanks

(13 Feb '20, 08:58) BillTebbs

I don't know if this is called toolset, but yes, you are right. This transcription is what you said.

I was interested in the possibility to generate the "right" system load coming from Mobilink applications. It is a dirty exercise.

(13 Feb '20, 09:11) Vlad
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