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asked 21 Jul '16, 14:41

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Breck Carter
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This "complete log scan" is referring to the normal type of scan that happens when you initially launch dbmlsync; to differentiate it from what happens when it is 'hovering'.

If you see this entry right after the hovering entry, then there was some contributing factor to force it drop out of 'hovering mode;. A number of different conditions could cause this including those listed in the DCX article on Synchronization schedules (after the paragraph on "Hovering") and include forced conditions, internal memory conditions and settable thresholds for that.

You may not be used to seeing this if your designs only include a single publication/synchronizaton and/or if you never using the scheduling feature of dbmlsync.

Is there a specific pattern you are seeing that seems different from the above information?

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answered 21 Jul '16, 15:32

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No pattern difference or other problem, other than me not being even one page ahead of the client in reading the Help :)

(21 Jul '16, 15:49) Breck Carter
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