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Hi, I downloaded the installation files SQLA17.exe and SQLA17DEVELOPER.exe and I have noticed that both files are identical. I can use the SQLA17DEVELOPER.exe in combination with a valid licences to install a production server? I see the characteristics of the different editions and I see that the Developer edition is different from the Workgroup Edge edition. Can this imply that the license acquired turns off features of the installer? I have a Workgroup Edge edition licen.


asked 14 Jan '20, 12:16

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As far as I know the SQL Anywhere setup.exe files have always been the same for all the editions, with license keys and dblic.exe making individual installations work differently. If memory serves, the cloud setup was different but that's moot now. Internally, the dbsrv17.exe and dbeng17.exe executables have some differences, but you always get both of those when you run a setup.

(14 Jan '20, 12:58) Breck Carter

I don't know about these two files but you can certainly use a Developer Edition to install a paid version, see that older FAQ. It deals with v12 but applies to newer versions, too, AFAIK.

(14 Jan '20, 15:19) Volker Barth

Thank you Breck and Volker.. your comments give to me some ideas to better understand the problem that we have. Basically, we have differences when compare one report in production against the same report in test. Theoretically we have the same servers configuration, but, in production we have a license for Workgroup Edge Edition and Developer Edition for testing.

(15 Jan '20, 13:39) JAValdez
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If SELECT @@VERSION returns the same result in test and production, look elsewhere for your problem. I.e., there is some difference in the database data, or the SQL code, or the application code between test and production, or, if your application has some dependencies on the outside world (files, etc) the problem may be caused by differences there.

If SELECT @@VERSION is different, the problem may be caused by differences in the server code.

(15 Jan '20, 13:53) Breck Carter

@@VERSION is the same for both ( and data has a two hours difference (from backup). I think that difference is the services and the server licence. For example, in production we have 7 services on the same server holding 18 databases and in testing we have one service mounted for the same 18 databases. Another difference is the engines. While we have a Workgroup Edge Edition license in production, in testing we have the Developer edition.

(15 Jan '20, 17:33) JAValdez
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Well, even if data and code and server version are identical, results may be different, say because the database engine uses different query plans, and your query is non-deterministic (think of a missing ORDER BY), or because configuration is different.

(15 Jan '20, 17:34) Volker Barth

As Breck has stated, it's very unlikely that the differing results (BTW: In what respect do they differ?) are related to the editions in use when the build number is identical.

You might check the query plans of the according queries for differences, it could also be related to different cache contents, isolation levels, different concurrent users and the like...

(16 Jan '20, 03:12) Volker Barth
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This is documented as KBA #1878709.

How can an installation be migrated from a non-production license (e.g. developer edition or evaluation license) to a production license?

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answered 15 Jan '20, 02:13

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