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Hi, i have one problem with a query update for me more hard. the result of this select:

SELECT "DBA"."web_tracciato_prodotti_prestashop"."Riferimento ",
FROM ( "DBA"."web_tracciato_prodotti_prestashop" INNER JOIN "DBA"."web_articoli" ON "DBA"."web_tracciato_prodotti_prestashop"."ID" = "DBA"."web_articoli"."id" ) INNER JOIN "DBA"."web_ktype_articoli" ON "DBA"."web_articoli"."precodice" = "DBA"."web_ktype_articoli"."precodice" AND "DBA"."web_articoli"."articolo" = "DBA"."web_ktype_articoli"."articolo"

is correct. For each records of the web_tracciato_prodotti_prestashop table correspond n records of the web_ktype_articoli table because because to each web_tracciato_prodotti_prestashop.Riferimento correspond n records web_ktype_articoli.ktype. I have to update the web_tracciato_prodotti_prestashop.caratteristica field (initially null) with "Ktypes:" + value of web_ktype_articoli.ktype.

I'm a beginner and I've tried it but it doesn't work:

update dba.web_tracciato_prodotti_prestashop
If dba.web_tracciato_prodotti_prestashop.Caratteristica <>  Null
        set Caratteristica  = ", " & DBA.web_ktype_articoli.ktype
        set Caratteristica  = "KTypes: " & DBA.web_ktype_articoli.ktype 
end if
FROM ( "DBA"."web_tracciato_prodotti_prestashop" inner JOIN "DBA"."web_articoli" ON "DBA"."web_tracciato_prodotti_prestashop"."ID" = "DBA"."web_articoli"."id" ) inner JOIN "DBA"."web_ktype_articoli" ON "DBA"."web_articoli"."precodice" = "DBA"."web_ktype_articoli"."precodice" AND "DBA"."web_articoli"."articolo" = "DBA"."web_ktype_articoli"."articolo"


asked 05 Jul '19, 10:48

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edited 08 Jul '19, 03:26

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Volker Barth

    set Caratteristica = 
    (If dba.web_tracciato_prodotti_prestashop.Caratteristica is not  Null then

        ', ' + DBA.web_ktype_articoli.ktype 
        'KTypes: ' + DBA.web_ktype_articoli.ktype 
    end if) 
inner JOIN "DBA"."web_articoli" ON "DBA"."web_tracciato_prodotti_prestashop"."ID" = "DBA"."web_articoli"."id"
inner JOIN "DBA"."web_ktype_articoli" ON "DBA"."web_articoli"."precodice" = "DBA"."web_ktype_articoli"."precodice" AND "DBA"."web_articoli"."articolo" = "DBA"."web_ktype_articoli"."articolo"

Please have a look if this is what you were needing. Table names were so hard to read so I have not checked the where condition just corrected the query.

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answered 06 Jul '19, 08:08

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edited 08 Jul '19, 03:26

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Volker Barth

Good morning Thank you for your answer the syntax gives me an error SQLCODE 157 Cannot convert 'Ktypes:' to a numeric the Caratteristica field in sql is text I don't understand why it generates this error

(08 Jul '19, 02:49) pignatale
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You are using the arithmetic addition operator... Switch the + to || (string concatenation).

(08 Jul '19, 07:54) Mark Culp

wonderful it worked you are great thank you very much

(08 Jul '19, 11:37) pignatale
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