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Hello experts,

I want to fire some notifications to my UI whenever a specific table has its data modified, by a DML script execution, for example.

I know that I can listen to this type of notification when the table is modified by the synchronism process (using Observers), but I couldn't find anything like that for DML executions.

I've been using the UltraliteJ for Android, 12.0.1 (3605).

Is there any way to do that?

Best Regards,

asked 19 May '12, 16:12

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UltraLiteJ for Android now supports system events for: (1) Table modifications, (2) Commits, (3) Synchronization completion.

This will first appear in

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answered 18 Sep '12, 15:37

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Andy Quick
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Thank you so much, Andy. This is going to be awesome and very useful!

(07 Oct '12, 14:18) Alex

How do I use the functionality that was added in I'm particularly interested in detecting table modifications.

(11 Apr '13, 13:34) Gustavo


This is the second recent request for this functionality for UltraLiteJ for Android. We do not currently expose the UltraLiteC table modification event in the Android library. We will add this to our list of features to support for Android. I cannot commit to a time frame, but the more customers that ask for it, the higher its priority will be.

Thanks you for the feedback.

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answered 22 May '12, 09:33

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Andy Quick
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I'm looking forward for this functionality. Please release it as soon as possible.


(22 May '12, 12:14) Renato

Andy, DML notifications will help my application too! Thank you!

(22 May '12, 12:17) Ericsen Cioffi

Me too! Thanks!

(22 May '12, 12:20) marcelopapar...

The UltraLiteJ Android event mechanism is based on the C++ UltraLite feature:

    // Main Thread
    Connection conn;
    conn.registerForEvent( ULjEvent.TABLE_MODIFIED_EVENT, "TableA" );
    conn.unregisterForEvent( ULjEvent.TABLE_MODIFIED_EVENT, "TableA" );

// Event Handler Thread
    ULjEvent event;
    for(;;) {
        try {
            event = conn.waitForEvent( -1 );
            if( event == null ) break;
            // handle event
            if (event.getType() == ULjEvent.TABLE_MODIFIED_EVENT) {
                String table_name = event.getParameter( "table_name" );
        catch (ULjException e) {
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answered 11 Apr '13, 14:30

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Andy Quick
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