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I have some clients running on ASA9 server, and one problem is in bothering. Whenever there are two (or more) simultaneous login requests via JDBC, any of the requests returns a JZ00L exception. I confirmed this behavior in the lab, wrote a program that performs infinite connections to the database, and when I fire the second instance of the program, the JZ00L error is generated in one of the running instances. Is this the expected behavior? Is there a way to resolve this situation?


asked 21 May '19, 14:39

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It is unlikely that is expected behavior. It would be helpful to see the message and SQLWarning as those would provide more context to the problem encountered.

(21 May '19, 15:23) Chris Keating

This is the database log:

Unable to initialize NT performance monitor data area; server startup continuing
Adaptive Server Anywhere Network Server Version

Now accepting requests
Login procedure (ID: 758) caused SQLSTATE '42W18'!
Login procedure (ID: 758) caused SQLSTATE '23W01'!

and the java output:
Connection 26 - 2019-05-21T19:41:40.358Z 2019-05-21T19:41:40.375Z PT0.017S
Connection 27 - 2019-05-21T19:41:40.375Z 2019-05-21T19:41:40.395Z PT0.02S
Connection 28 - 2019-05-21T19:41:40.400Z 2019-05-21T19:41:40.424Z PT0.024S
Connection 29 - 2019-05-21T19:41:40.428Z 
SQL exception : java.sql.SQLException: JZ00L: Login failed.  Examine the SQLWarnings chained to this exception for the reason(s).
SQL State     : JZ00L
Error Code    : 0
SQL exception : java.sql.SQLWarning: ASA Error -103: Invalid user ID or password
SQL State     : 01000
Error Code    : 4002
SQL exception : java.sql.SQLWarning: ASA Error -103: Invalid user ID or password
SQL State     : 01000
Error Code    : 4002
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
        at conectador.Conectador.main(
(21 May '19, 15:45) DRauber

What is your connection string? Are you autostarting the database or server?

(21 May '19, 16:43) Mark Culp
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Connection String is:

Class.forName("com.sybase.jdbc3.jdbc.SybDriver"); DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:sybase:Tds:", uid, pwd);

No, the server is started by:

dbsrv9 -nTest C:\Tmp\Compras.db


(22 May '19, 06:34) DRauber

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"Login procedure (ID: 758) caused SQLSTATE '<sqlstate>'!" is not a SQL Anywhere message. Your database must have a custom login procedure that is encountering errors. The errors reported were SQLState 42W18 is User '%1' has the row in '%2' locked and SQLSTATE 23W01 is Primary key for table '%1' is not unique: Primary key value ('%2'). Does that custom login procedure when it encounters an error cause the error SQLE_INVALID_LOGON to be reported? The login_procedure database option should point to the procedure that is used at login and can be used to determine if there is a custom login procedure.

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answered 22 May '19, 09:11

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Chris Keating
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Volker Barth

Thank you! You're absolutely right, problem is with the login trigger.

(23 May '19, 13:47) DRauber

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