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The SQL Anywhere .NET Data Provider supports connection pooling. The documentation says: " checks the pool for an existing connection that uses the same connection parameters you have specified"
What means in this case same connection parameters, will the CON= parameter count too? If the application requests a new connection with a different CON parameter, but the rest is the same, will the pooled connection be reused and if so will the connection name change?
What about the APP parameter, it contains information about the executing thread will this be seen as different connection parameters, if just the calling thread is a different one?

asked 25 Jun '10, 10:55

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I have confirmed with the Provider team that the connection string must match exactly in order for a pooled connection to get used. As a result, the con parameter counts.

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answered 09 Jul '10, 13:17

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Karim Khamis
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Regarding the APP parameter Ian McHardy provided this usefull information:

The generated portion of the AppInfo string is ignored when determining if two connection strings are the same for connection pooling. If a user specified AppInfo parameter is specified, that is included in the comparison

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answered 15 Nov '11, 11:37

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IMHO I think that CON parameter counts too.

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answered 25 Jun '10, 11:56

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