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I am trying to connect to a backup of my database without restoring on my server, but just on a localhost.

When I open SQL Central (both v16 and 17) and try to press connect, select action: "Start and connect to a database on this computer", browse my DB-file, write the uid+pw and click connect, I receive the following error:

[SAP][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Unable to start database server SQLCODE=-80 SQLSTATE=08001

asked 21 May '19, 08:30

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What was displayed in the console log of the server? Was a new server started (ie, a new server name specified) or are you talking to a server that is already running? If a new server is being started, you can specify "-o filename" in the startup parameters.

My guess, however, would be "a database with that name has already been started" or "a server with that name is already running". Either you are trying to start a database with the same file name (and not a new DBN= database name in which case DBN defaults to the database file name) or a server with the same name (ENG= which also defaults to the database name). Specify a unique server and/or database name.

That said, you almost never want to start your backup databases except in read-only mode otherwise you will not be able to apply subsequent logs to it. To use read-only, use use the '-r' switch . You can use '-imv' (in-memory validation mode) which allows the database to go through recovery and do a certain amount of modifications that are only kept in memory and never written to disk.

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answered 21 May '19, 08:42

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John Smirnios
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Thanks for the comment. I have no servers running. I want to start a new local server, where I can restore this DB and play with it.

(21 May '19, 08:48) vegazbabz
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Did you start an engine (dbeng17) or server (dbsrv17)? If it is a server, you still need a unique name on the network. Besides, I'm just guessing that naming is your problem. The console output messages will tell you what is really going on. You need to capture those.

(21 May '19, 08:54) John Smirnios

No, I believe I did not. Not sure where to find it? I just downloaded SQL Central.

(21 May '19, 09:08) vegazbabz

Instead of using SQL Central, try starting a server with your database, from the command prompt.

dbeng17 -o serverlog.txt -z <path-to-database.db>


dbsrv17 -o serverlog.txt -z <path-to-database.db>

If that doesn't work, then you'll understand why SQL Central can't start a server with your database.

If the server starts, then you can connect to the database server with SQL Central using "connect to a running database".

(22 May '19, 09:27) JBSchueler
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Thanks. This is not recognized. Where can I download the server?

(22 May '19, 17:00) vegazbabz
(23 May '19, 06:14) Vlad

You need to have either dbengX or dbsrvX executables where X is a major version to host a database file. You will get the error that you have reported if you attempt to autostart an engine and there dbeng17 executable cannot be found (or the engine reference in the START= is not found).

(23 May '19, 10:26) Chris Keating

After installing the DB engine (which was my question), this made it start... Thanks

(13 Jun '19, 08:33) vegazbabz
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