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HI, I'm running a UWP app against an ultralite version 17 database on Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise.

We've had replication fail because the column value in the ultralite database was null even though it's defined to be not null.

How could this be happening? If I try to manually insert a null value, it does not work, of course. But somehow with the application the database is accepting a null value. The column in question is a BLOB/long binary and is used to hold images, if that makes a difference.

Is there any logging I can turn on for the UL database?

Thanks, Paula

asked 16 Aug '18, 07:03

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Hi Paula,

Is this something you can reproduce?

Can you show the log from MobiLink where the error is reported?

(16 Aug '18, 11:33) Tim McClements

DO you know if this value was originally from an INSERT or as part of a synchronization? Is this reproducible or a single occurrence? Have you checked the health of the database with ulvalid?

(16 Aug '18, 11:40) Chris Keating

What is your consolidated? Some databases don't distinguish between empty strings and null strings, so an empty string in UL might be interpreted as a null value in the consolidated. I'm not sure if that applies to blob values, though.

Are you using the direct row API to generate the download?

(23 Aug '18, 10:54) Bill Somers
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