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Hello! We are having a problem that is only noticed on server (mobilink log). During the synchronize process the server log has the error -10279 (Connection was dropped due to lack of network activity) or -10052 (The authenticate_parameters script return 4000), but the device, that is using Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional CE OS 5.2.23145 Build 23145.5.3.10, does not get any exception from the server, so according with the device the synchronization was ok, but that is not true.

We are using SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 EBF 3605.

My doubt is if that behavior is ok and if it is possible to detect these errors on device, because the device records a synchronization log and we need the real information about the synchronization.

asked 05 Dec '12, 16:40

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Abilio Martins
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Are you using a full SQL Anywhere install on CE and dbmlsync, or are you using UltraLite as your remote database on CE?

(06 Dec '12, 15:09) Reg Domaratzki

I am using UltraLite.

(06 Dec '12, 15:11) Abilio Martins

-10279 (Connection was dropped due to lack of network activity)

This error is just saying that the existing remote connection has not been heard from in timeout seconds, so the MobiLink server has dropped that connection (i.e. we assume the connection is gone).

For this situation, the remote will generally not know that the MobiLink server did this action (and it's likely that the remote user has either given up and restarted the synchronization or has already seen an error related to communications).

-10052 (The authenticate_parameters script return 4000)

This error is just saying that the combination of username/password/authentication parameters was not accepted at the server (the output of which is based on your synchronization event scripts).

For UltraLite, these results are typically retrieved through the "ULSyncResult" structure, which varies by API. See: ul_sync_result for C/C++.

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answered 07 Dec '12, 14:21

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Jeff Albion
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Further - if client does not report any error, the synchronization was successful.

(11 Dec '12, 11:46) Tim McClements

Neat Sync trick:

Be it Mobilink or SQL Anywhere, we've created a simple table with two columns, say create table SYNC_STATUS(localTime timestamp not null, remoteTime timestamp not null);

Every 10 minutes, an event fires to put the current (now()) into the 'localTime' column (CONSOLIDATED DB), with the remote sites doing the same on the 'remoteTime' column.

Then a simple event on each site that checks the time difference between the two columns and sends be an e-mail if that difference exceeds, say 30 minutes.

Not really an answer to your question, but a good monitoring solution :-)

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answered 10 Dec '12, 04:31

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