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Can I use High Availability of SQL Anywhere, with a single copy of db files, shared between server on a NAS?

I need something like this to prevent hard failures with on downtime of my site.

asked 16 Nov '09, 16:39

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Breck Carter

When the .db file is already open by a server process, attempting to start another with the same database file gives the following error:

A database server with that name has already started

Even if you set the server name to something different you then get:

Resource temporarily unavailable

since the file is locked by the first server process.

If you're looking for a fail-over solution, you might want to take a look at database mirroring.

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answered 16 Nov '09, 17:02

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Ben S
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Thank you Ben, in mirroring if something had commited it's in all databases of "environment"?

(16 Nov '09, 17:27) Zote

Ben, maybe Veritas Cluster Server does what I'm thinking... Please, look at this:

(16 Nov '09, 17:49) Zote
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@Zote: The "mirroring mode" you choose determines how aggressively SQL Anywhere will behave during the commit: guarantee that the commit is performed on the mirror before responding to the client, or don't bother waiting for an acknowledgment, or [something even sloppier]. I've never met anyone who's used anything other than Door Number One, called "synchronous". See "Choosing a database mirroring mode" in the Help.

(16 Nov '09, 18:38) Breck Carter
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