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I am attempting to bring the contents of a Visual FoxPro database into SA

I have installed VFP 9 using the CD provided by the client and downloaded the OLE DB provider for Microsoft Visual FoxPro as Microsoft says the ODBC driver is no longer available / supported.

I was able to connect to the database and read the data in Excel 2007 using the OLE DB provider, and I have been told that changing the dbf extension of these older files to xls allows Excel to open them up correctly.

My question is what is the best way to get this data into tables in SQL Anywhere?

I have used the remote server feature before, but only with ODBC connections. Can an OLE connection be used with a remote server and if so how?

asked 08 Sep '17, 06:05

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Siger Matt
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Have you tried with a generic ODBC server class with an Excel ODBC driver, when Excel can open FoxPro files?

Very wild guessing...

(08 Sep '17, 10:21) Volker Barth
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Seemed promising, but I get "External Table is not in the expected format."

(08 Sep '17, 12:55) Siger Matt

Still interested if OLE is an option, but to finish the story I ended up exporting the VFP data to text and then importing the text files into SA 17.

(08 Jan '18, 09:49) Siger Matt
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