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for some unknown reason I get the following error on Sqlanywhere 10 Database:

Internal database error ***ERROR*** Assertion failed: 202000 (
Invalis string continuation at row id 0x11bee:0x0 -
transaction rolled back
SQLCODE=-301, ODBC 3 State="HY000"

Even when I try to rebuild the DB I get the same error during unloading. Could someone please help finding a solution?

asked 28 Aug '17, 07:11

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Breck Carter

Restore from a backup.

(28 Aug '17, 07:27) Breck Carter

You might also try with the latest 10.0.1 EBF ( on Windows, AFAIK), if that issues the same assertion...

(28 Aug '17, 08:00) Volker Barth
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Where do you find V10 EBFs? I've only been able to find V12 in the archives...
Support Packages & Patches - Access downloads
Archive by Alphabetical Index (A-Z)
Latest download: SQL Anywhere EBF
(28 Aug '17, 08:27) Breck Carter

I don't find them, I just happen to save the last EBF of each major version we have used:)

(Not sure whether I could find that within archived versions of our SAP Support Portal accounts...)

(28 Aug '17, 09:20) Volker Barth

(28 Aug '17, 09:30) Breck Carter

LOL! That was not meant by my claim "I don't find them":)

Of course, they are perfectly filed so I don't have to search for them...

(28 Aug '17, 10:16) Volker Barth

I could isolate the error source, there is was one cell (1 row / 1 column) in one of the tables which included some EXPLODABLE content. as soon as I try to query the row containing this row then I get the error, even when I try to update the value of this cell to a new value I get the same error.

The only solution was for me to delete this entire row, and then could find the same row in another remote DB and inserted it to this defective DB. The funny thing is that the remote DB has a correct value in this cell!! The DB is now healthy. Thanks for your efforts, could you but tell me what is meant with EBF?

(29 Aug '17, 07:34) Baron

An EBF is an Emergency Bug Fix, the former name for what now is called a SP aka Support/Service Pack.

Note when data is corrupted silently, it may be due to bad RAM...

(29 Aug '17, 07:48) Volker Barth

OK, thanks. Is there any such repairing tool available for DB of SQLAnyhwere 10?

(29 Aug '17, 07:50) Baron
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The second time you suggest it :)

(29 Aug '17, 10:11) Vlad
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