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I am running an Ultralite database - version with .NET CF 3.5 on a Win 6.5 handheld. Something crashed today while performing normal work (we've been running this software for years) and it looks like we've lost a database. Here are the details when trying to connect to the .udb with Sybase Central:

[ODBC] [UltraLite Database] Internal database error 100005 -- transaction rolled back Error code=-301 SQL state=40W01

What can I do to recover the database?

Please help! Thank you in advance!


asked 03 Dec '14, 11:45

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Paula M
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The 100005 internal error is usually fatal; it is a report that the metadata has been corrupted. This is most likely related to a file system/media failure.

You can attempt to unload the data using the ulunload utility (or dbisql) but if that also reports the same error your database is unusable; and will need to replace the database and recreate any missing data.

To help avoid any future occurrences, you should run with a newer build of 12.0.1 to avoid the issue addressed by engineering change#693111: - "Files were not always properly flushed to the storage medium on CE."

That fix was checked into the 12.0.1#3578 build and has the description

      "On Windows Mobile / CE, database files were not always properly
       flushed when necessary. The file metadata was the most likely data
       not to be flushed and assertion failure 201129 (File shorter than
       expected) is the most likely corruption to be seen in the event of
       a full power outage (eg. if the CE device battery runs out). 
       This problem has been fixed."
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answered 04 Dec '14, 10:40

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Nick Elson S...
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Thank you for the response. I tried the ulunload utility this morning which resulted in the same error. I will work on getting everything upgraded to 12.

Again, thanks for responding!

(04 Dec '14, 12:38) Paula M

Upgrading to 12.0.1 can work as well; just double check that the final build of the software is >=12.0.1#3578 as that is where the engineering change#693111 was checked into that version.

(04 Dec '14, 13:06) Nick Elson S...
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